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Menoir Luxury Leather Sofa AMQ-S2035+AMQ-S2056

Furniture mostly refers to large items such as closets, tables, beds and sofas.


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Menoir Luxury Leather Sofa AMQ-S2035+AMQ-S2056

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An Oscar-winning real estate buyer, with an eight-figure budget, wants to move from a spacious country villa to Manhattan's bustling flatbed apartments, and wants to use Manhattan as his main home. After the director's publicity, many real estate brokers and decoration designers threw olive branches at him, but in the end, the director only listened to one person's opinion: neither his family, nor the architect, nor the Feng Shui master, but his art consultant.
   The director's art consultant asked the real estate agent for all the CAD drawings, then went to the director's country villa to measure the size of the director's collection of art, and finally communicated with the renovation designer about the ceiling height, the volume of the house and the wall area and the display plan of the design.

Furniture is composed of four factors: material, structure, appearance and function, of which function is the pilot, is to promote the development of furniture power; structure is the backbone, is to realize the function of the foundation. These four factors are interconnected and mutually restrictive ...



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