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Menoir Leather Sectional Sofa WA-S360

Furniture mostly refers to large items such as closets, tables, beds and sofas.


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Menoir Leather Sectional Sofa WA-S360

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China Furnishing Association Professional Committee on Furnishing Art was formally established on June 22, 2007. It is a branch of the China National Furnishing Association (a non-profit organization), which is the only national-level association in furnishing art design industry in China. The business scope covers industry management, academic exchanges, professional training, exhibitions, market development, consulting services, and international cooperation. Since the establishment of the China Interior Decoration Association's Furnishing Art Committee, it has quickly established a number of provincial and municipal representative offices across the country, and has successfully hosted many large-scale events in China's interior design industry, including China Interior Design Week, and many other international exchange activities. Successfully established the annual Chinese furnishing arts highest award-"Furnishings China · Crystal Unicorn Award", ADCC College of Life Art and "Furnishing Art Design and Life" brand forum, and helped organize "Taiwan Furnishing Art Design Association" Established; cooperated with Tsinghua University to hold the first "Tsinghua University International Furnishing Art Design Management and Chinese Furnishing Art Designers" advanced seminar and the first "Chinese Furnishing Art Designers Training Course"; the furnishing committee will continue to publish professional furnishing art design industry professional series . The important goals are to promote the development of China's furnishing art design industry, enhance the industry status of China's furnishing art designers, and promote the research and development of China's home living product design.

Furniture is composed of four factors: material, structure, appearance and function, of which function is the pilot, is to promote the development of furniture power; structure is the backbone, is to realize the function of the foundation. These four factors are interconnected and mutually restrictive ...



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