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Menoir Group & Red Star Macalline Reached Deep Strategic Cooperation


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On January 22nd 2021, in Shanghai, China, Menoir, a benchmarking enterprise in the home furnishing industry, and Red Star Macalline signed an in-depth strategic cooperation agreement, announcing that the two parties will cooperate in multiple market segments such as store channels,jointly developing the culture of livingroom&diningroom and landing in multiple commercial market segments.

Wu Youlong, Executive President of Menoir Home Furniture Group
Ma Weijie, General Manager of Red Star Macalline Design Living Room Division
Contract witness
Zhu Jiagui, Executive President and General Manager of Large Operations Center, Red Star Macalline Group
Rong Dixiong,Mu Chaoba, Zhuang Shuai, Wang Xin, Bai Ruijie,Red Star Macalline Design Living Room Division  
Zuo Jianhua, Chairman of Menoir Home Furniture Group
Hu Gang, Operations Director of Menoir Home Furniture Group
Dai Wei, Director of Development Department of Menoir Home Furniture Group
Group CEO Wu Youlong said that Red Star Macalline is the No. 1 brand of China Building Materials Home Furnishings, dedicated to high-end channels and consumer groups, and it fits well with the high-end brand positioning of Menoir Home Furniture. Menoir Home Furniture and Red Star have established a close relationship in store channels and are optimistic about the long-term development in the future.
In response to this strategic cooperation between the two parties, Zhu Jiagui, CEO of Red Star Macalline Home Furnishing Group and general manager of the large operation center, analyzed that Menoir Home Furniture and Red Star Macalline belong to the brand and channel providers, and are also leaders in their respective fields. , Also has a forward-looking strategic vision that leads the trend. The strategic cooperation between the two parties is the result of coincidence of development concepts, which can be called a model of integration and win-win.
Dai Wei, the expansion director of Menoir Group, mentioned that since its establishment in 1988, Menoir has been an internationally influential boutique furniture design manufacturer in Asia, integrating Italian luxury aesthetics and design, and has become the preferred brand of global gentlemen. Menoir has four brand positioning: Menoir Fengshang, Menoir Fashion, Menoir Kumar, and Menoir Family, which can meet the needs of all consumer levels. Menoir invested a total of 160 million to build a new headquarters building to better enhance brand awareness and strength. This time, through the in-depth cooperation with the home shopping mall represented by Red Star Macalline, further synergy and efficiency, leading the industry, and outperforming the market .