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MENOIR · People who have met will surely meet again...


MENOIR · People who have met will surely meet again...

7 days, 168 hours
It will take months to reshape the exhibition hall in Dongguan/Shenzhen/Guangzhou
3 exhibition spaces, a design and construction team of 100 people
Embrace the mental state of "first-level preparation" from day to night

Dongguan Famous Furniture Fair, Shenzhen International Furniture Design Fair, Guangzhou International Furniture Fair
Three unique events
Three kinds of extraordinary encounters

A different minimalist home
On the premise of meeting functional requirements
at the same time
We also have unlimited pursuit of design

Businesses in various regions are summarizing the work of this exhibition

CEO Wu Youlong

Hu Gang, General Manager of Operations Center

Menoir's home furnishings in this exhibition keeps coming! ! ! Exceeding the goals we set! ! ! It has proved that our strength is really great! Signed more than 200 specialty stores to rebuild Menoir brand! Until now, our billing is still going on. Thank you all the excellent family members who joined the four major series of Menoir. The cooperation has just begun. Currently, there will be 57 stores in the country before May 1st! Come on Menoir! Forge ahead! Three thousand stores! Bloom the world!

Mr. Zuo will award the outstanding champion team of this exhibition.


Maybe we only have one side acquaintance, but we must all have the most special impression of each other.
I think we can have a more relaxed and comfortable way in the exhibition hall of Menoir headquarters, have further communication and understanding of each other, and be friends...